Handstand Workshops


If you've ever wondered how to do a handstand? You'll leave this workshop with the answers and skills you need to take your handstand practice to the next level!!

ALL LEVELS WELCOME, from the most basic bunny hop to a 10 second hold, you're all welcome to come learn and ENJOY!!

Join my assistant Anita and I for an afternoon of safe, supportive and encouraging teaching and guidance. We will share all our expertise with you, as our belief is a good teacher teaches their student to teach themselves, giving you the tools you need to progress beyond this session.

  • Learn to handstand  


  • Learn technical alignment and a good understanding of what's needed to handstand


  • Improve your flexibility

  • Gain more control and confidence when entering and exiting your handstand

  • Feel safe whilst practicing your handstand?


  • Learn more advanced entry and exit variations if necessary

  • We will show you how to work up to it, to identify what you need to work on and help you build

confidence to get that first handstand. 


The 3 hours will well balanced including breathwork to perfect mental concentration, core & alignment drills plus wall play and centre work all centred around the handstand.

The padded floor and walls at Fordes make this the perfect venue to hold this workshop..

Venue address:

Fordes Gym 

High Street

St Mary Cray




*10 min walk from St Mary Cray Station 

Handstand Workshop

Sunday 30th January




*Limited spaces book now to secure your spot!