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Come and join me and Anita for 3 hours of Yoga and all things headstand!


Have you always wanted to be able to headstand? 


  • Do you feel fearful when you attempt a headstand in a class?

  • Would you like to gain more control and confidence when entering and exiting your headstand?

  • Would you like to feel complete ease in your headstand?

  • Do you want to feel safe whilst practicing your headstand?

  • Are you looking to learn more advanced variations with fluid and fun transitions?


We will show you how to work up to it, to identify what you need to work on and help you build

confidence to get that first headstand. 


For those more experienced we will work on various entries, transitions and exit strategies too.


The padded floor and walls at Fordes make this the perfect venue to hold this workshop..


The 3 hours will consist of Pranayama (breath work), core & alignment and playful vinyasa flows and drills all centred around the King asana HEADSTAND / SIRSASANA. Anyone feeling a bit concerned about being on their head for 3 hours this honestly will not be the case me and Anita will ensure the class is perfectly balanced.


Venue address:

Fordes Gym 

High Street

St Mary Cray




Inversion Workshop

Details coming soon......