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Hi I'm Cordelia Simpson aka BusymumSOS I'm a super active mum of four!  Balancing motherhood and keeping myself in good physical and mental shape has become my ultimate goal.  Firstly, I've carved out a career as a health and fitness expert which enables me to exercise daily as a qualified yoga and Body Balance instructor. I have made it my mission to explore what makes us perform as individuals to our optimum, so I can enhance not only mine and my family's lives but also share this gift with you too. 

Losing my mother 14 years ago to cancer kick-started my obsession with health and wellness and striving to empower my family with the knowledge to help us maintain good health.  

My journey so far has confronted me with many twists and turns, i've been facinated by the growth and lessons i've learnt along the way, I want people to realise we can have it all it's just about finding a true balance and ultimately listening very closely to our needs and desires..... it's all about moderation and balance.


Over the years my body has astounded me, it housed and fed four babies and still continues to respond when I call.

This website contains all the tools I use today which I now want to share with you all, lets continue this journey together.

My yoga journey so far........... 

"I was first introduced to yoga aged 14

when my mother began having private lessons at home, I instantly fell in love with it and fast became teachers pet due to my gymnastic background giving me a real head start in the poses.

When my youngest turned 10 I felt a longing to complete my yoga teacher trained, i'd been teaching Body balance and various other keep fit classes for over 10 years but my heart was still with my yoga practice and I knew now was the right time.

September 2019 I flew to India where I spent 1 month in Goa training in Astanga and Vinyasa flow with Sampoorna school of yoga.  It was hard leaving my family but  the calling was too strong for me to ignore.  Teaching was something I was already very skilled in but the knowledge I absorbed from my trip was life changing, Indian philosophy, meditation, pranayama, anatomy ........ and so much more.  

Yoga for me is a lifestyle not an exercise program, I strongly believe yoga is for everyone, I encourage students to show up daily with no expectations of how it should go.  Yoga is about discovering that those crazy thoughts in your head about 'can't' or 'shouldn't' are simply not true.


Yoga is not about what you wear or whether you can do a handstand (although it has no judgement if that's all you want from it). It's a time to slow down, listen and just be........................


I want everyone to allow yoga to flow through them and just enjoy it in the moment.

‘Dee has been my yoga teacher for a number of years now and I love her classes. She is an
inspiring teacher who will always give you the attention you need for your practice, no matter what level you are at. Her teaching style is gentle and personal. She will know your individual characteristics and physical restrictions, allowing you to grow and gain confidence at your own pace. Her classes are well paced and challenging and I love the variation in sequences from class to class. Dee’s attention to detail and ability to describe poses is excellent and I have achieved so much through her caring and encouraging style. I can’t recommend her enough!’

Thank you 😊 🙏, 
Mini Oza